A.J. & Friends Classic Cars

This used to be my "PlayGround" - first job as a full time mechanic from 1964 to 1966. Owner was Robert Brown Olmstead, a family friend. Note the rare Lincoln in front! He is the one who ordered my black '63 427 Mercury for me when he managed a Lincoln Mercury dealership in 1963. Bob, 6 years my senior, had been an engineer for Lincoln Mercury before coming back to LaSalle to sell cars. We had an inside 6 month heads up on getting that Merc as a VIP special order.

Linda and I married 6-5-65 while I was working for Car Town and Bob supplied us with used furniture he stored from his apartment business. Bob also introduced me to Indy. He also had an Indy Car. That is a story in itself. He was designing a V-12 Indy engine and he sadly died of a heart attack at age 47 in the '70s. This picture was recently sent to me from his daughter Linda who was child in '64. She and her family come to see me race at Cordova.

LaSalle Dealership