A.J. & Friends Classic Cars

The black 1960 Fury I looked at several years ago. I could've bought for $1,500. It was a mess so I passed. But look at her now! Wow! It is one of the nicest "Big Finned" cars I've ever seen. My heart skips beats whenever I see it!

The 1958 Belvedere I looked at to buy, also. It was a driver, but it needed a lot of work. The owner, a former lighthouse keeper, had moved here from the New Hampshire coast and now was moving back. He said I was the only one he would sell it to or he would take it back to NH with him. The price was fair, but again, I was still racing and declined. He called it "Christine".

Here is some trivia for you Christine buffs. In King's book, the Plymouth was not a Fury! It was a red and white 4-door Belvedere just exactly like this one! Hollywood apparently thought the Fury was more glamorous. If this car would have been a Fury, I assure you I would have bought it. Some day I will have a '57 or '58 fury with V-8.and pushbutton trans of course!