A.J. & Friends Classic Cars

In the immortal words of Tom Jones; "Very Un-usual" 1965 Galaxie 427 V-8, 425 HP R code with factory air and factory chrome spotlight with Ford logo embossed on it. This car was once in the Reggie Jackson collection. Supposedly Reggie had a fire which damaged some of his collection and this car, although not damaged, was in the fire. The insurance paid a blanket payoff to Reggie and this car somehow got sold to my client in Chicago. It was originally from Texas and ordered special for a county sherriff. That's why the air conditioning and spotlight. It also still has the mounting for the radio rack. And yes, it's a 4-speed toploader as all R codes were. Here is the neat part, my client is a policeman in Chicago and his last name is Coup. Coup the Cop! I call him. With an "Oh! So Rare!" 65 R code. How would you like to get pulled over by Coup the Cop with this baby?