A.J. & Friends Classic Cars

Photos are of my brand new black 1963 Mercury Monterey taken on Easter of 1963 at my folk's house in Peru, Ilinois. The Merc is only 2 weeks old and I was 22. This car was a special order 427 V-8 R code Breezeway 2-dr. sedan. Note the contract. $3700. In 1963 Mercury produced 58 427 Mercs. Only mine was a Breezeway Sedan. Girl in last picture was Barb-my girlfriend then. Just like my cars-I had many more before I met the the love of my life and my wife of 38 yrs.- Linda. Barb's car behind mine was a pristine white on white 60 Ford Sunliner Convt. with a rare 360 HP 352 stick on the wheel. Wish I had a better photo of it. Those 2 cars today in that shape would bring $100,000